Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets Campaign

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The social media campaign that I found to be successful is the “Fair Tweets.” Created by Ben & Jerry’s, the “Fair Tweets” is a tool that allows users to inform others about the importance of the World Fair Trade Day. Users to Twitter usually tweet no more than 50 characters per tweet. Ben & Jerry’s found a way to utilize user’s tweets by inputting information about the World Fair Trade Day in the unused characters of the tweet. No matter how long the tweets are, the “Fair Tweets” program will find a way to include certain messages that can be fitted into the remaining character length. This is a great way to use people with Twitter, since they pretty much tweet every single day. Without giving them extra work, all those texts are inputted automatically. Within the “Fair Tweets” message, it also contains a link that connects to a website promoting the World Fair movement. This application is also available as a download on smart phones. So basically people are just doing the same thing, except for a better cause. This is pretty much like Facebook, where people go on it subconsciously. The “Fair Tweets” are like advertisements on the side, where viewers can take it into account, or simply ignore.

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Project on Google Doc

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Google Doc is a really nice device to use while we thought up ideas for the project. I have never used the chat function of Google Doc, simply because I have yet to find it. For that reason, I am using the document portion of Google Doc. One of the few things I really like about Google Doc is that it allows each of our group members to write on one template. It allows us to input our own piece of writing, change and update various information so everyone receives a turn at giving their own thoughts. Using Google Doc is fairly simple since all we need to do is go onto the link and start typing. The program automatically updates itself, letting each group members know when someone else has made any changes. We also color-coded our work so we each know what we did. I really like the fact that we can access the document whenever we want, and everything will be saved online so we won’t have to worry about any data loss and such.

I have used Google Doc before in other similar classes. The only downfall that I can see is that we can edit each other’s inputs at will, so if one of us accidently erased everything or altered any information, it can get pretty messy. I have not personally experience this kind of problem, but it is a possibility. I have not experienced any difficulty using Google Doc in the past. It has always been the number one program when I do a group project, aside from contacting with each other on Facebook. I can say that in order to prevent any problems such as erasing and altering each other’s work, we should each save our own copies of the project. That way, even if the internet suddenly crashes throughout the world, we can still continue with the project offline.

Thoughts on the First Half

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Up to this point, I find this class to be one of the more enjoyable classes I am currently taking this semester. It proves to be a very useful class that encouraged me to use a variety of different tools to organize presentations. Although this is not the first class that required students to use blogs to interact with each other, this class definitely takes the lead with the interesting blog posts of videos, audios, pictures and creative side each students have. For the most part, I really enjoy posting something that I have an interest in, something that has to do with my personal life definitely becomes significantly more entertaining instead of some random given topic of discussion. And definitely the flexibility between each assignment’s due dates allowed students to find the time to respond in their convenience. It is also very useful when we have to comment on our classmates’ blogs. I really enjoy reading other people’s comments, no matter if it is about what they liked about the choice of my topic, or changes I could make to improve that particular post.

Other than that, I have not seen or experienced any real interactions between classmates. Aside from the comments we posted for their blog posts, none of the students have really given the chance of doing a project together. Therefore I really look forward to the second half of this class, where we will be partnering up with three other students to make that video for the library.

Screen Casting

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For the screen casting assignment, I decided to present a blog called The author of the blog, Martin Berkhan, informs the viewers a different, better way of exercising and dieting without having to stress your muscles and minds at the gym too much. I find this blog very useful and informative. Hope the rest of you like it too!

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My Video

•February 18, 2012 • 2 Comments

This is a video of me making my daily meal. I eat around 1000 Calories everyday, and I am here to show you what I eat… Enjoy!

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Mix Audio Post

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The two songs I chose for this project are:

Handlebars by Flobots and Viva La Vida by ColdPlay

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First Post!

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Hey guys, my name is Michael Liang, and this is my blog for the class Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media. The main purpose of this blog is to follow the professor’s instructions and learn how to efficiently present yourself in various situations. These blogs will demonstrate just how well students can use their blogs to their advantage.