I am not sure what this page Submit is suppose to be for, but I decide to write something so it will not seem so empty.


4 Responses to “Submit”

  1. I think you chose a great foundation for your blog. The chess pieces as a header corresponding with the chessboard background made for a creative overall theme and allowed for the foundation as well as the front door aspect of your blog to work nicely together.

  2. I really like your theme and foundation! It is extremely creative with the chess board background and then the playing pieces picture as your boarder. It sets up a great foundation for the rest of your blog. Everything was very organized and easy to navigate. I was not able to to see any tags, I don’t know if you forgot to add them or if anyone else had this problem. I also didn’t see any categories. Otherwise great job!

  3. I like the chess theme you have going on here. Looks very clean

  4. Audio Post
    I liked your choice of songs to use for this assignment. You had smooth transitions and the songs went well with one another. I think your music bed in the beginning could have been in a different place or at a lower volume though so your voice could be heard better. Overall, good job!

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