Thoughts on the First Half

Up to this point, I find this class to be one of the more enjoyable classes I am currently taking this semester. It proves to be a very useful class that encouraged me to use a variety of different tools to organize presentations. Although this is not the first class that required students to use blogs to interact with each other, this class definitely takes the lead with the interesting blog posts of videos, audios, pictures and creative side each students have. For the most part, I really enjoy posting something that I have an interest in, something that has to do with my personal life definitely becomes significantly more entertaining instead of some random given topic of discussion. And definitely the flexibility between each assignment’s due dates allowed students to find the time to respond in their convenience. It is also very useful when we have to comment on our classmates’ blogs. I really enjoy reading other people’s comments, no matter if it is about what they liked about the choice of my topic, or changes I could make to improve that particular post.

Other than that, I have not seen or experienced any real interactions between classmates. Aside from the comments we posted for their blog posts, none of the students have really given the chance of doing a project together. Therefore I really look forward to the second half of this class, where we will be partnering up with three other students to make that video for the library.


~ by mliang9115 on March 3, 2012.

One Response to “Thoughts on the First Half”

  1. When writing my response it did not occur to me how much I enjoyed using my creative side. I mostly focused on how being graded on the media i produced was somewhat nerve racking because all my other classes are just papers. Yet I know that I enjoyed creating each of these projects much more than my research papers. Another thing that I know look forward to after your reading your post is the midterm projects so I can work with other students. As soon as I read your reflection on little person to person contact I realized that I had no clue what you or any other student I have commented on look like. Next semester should be exciting.

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