Ben & Jerry’s Fair Tweets Campaign

The social media campaign that I found to be successful is the “Fair Tweets.” Created by Ben & Jerry’s, the “Fair Tweets” is a tool that allows users to inform others about the importance of the World Fair Trade Day. Users to Twitter usually tweet no more than 50 characters per tweet. Ben & Jerry’s found a way to utilize user’s tweets by inputting information about the World Fair Trade Day in the unused characters of the tweet. No matter how long the tweets are, the “Fair Tweets” program will find a way to include certain messages that can be fitted into the remaining character length. This is a great way to use people with Twitter, since they pretty much tweet every single day. Without giving them extra work, all those texts are inputted automatically. Within the “Fair Tweets” message, it also contains a link that connects to a website promoting the World Fair movement. This application is also available as a download on smart phones. So basically people are just doing the same thing, except for a better cause. This is pretty much like Facebook, where people go on it subconsciously. The “Fair Tweets” are like advertisements on the side, where viewers can take it into account, or simply ignore.

Click here to see the campaign video!


~ by mliang9115 on April 6, 2012.

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