Mix Audio Post

The two songs I chose for this project are:

Handlebars by Flobots and Viva La Vida by ColdPlay

Click to Play Audio


~ by mliang9115 on February 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mix Audio Post”

  1. Dude you did a great job transitioning, but where is your intro? I think this will be bad if you don’t update it asap. LOL. You did a great job with the music you need to add you input in the track. Good Luck.

  2. Great combo on the two songs! Tight fade, but as already noted, it could use a little more of your voice and your thoughts in there!

  3. I liked your choice of songs to use for this assignment. You had smooth transitions and the songs went well with one another. I think your music bed in the beginning could have been in a different place or at a lower volume though so your voice could be heard better. Overall, good job!

  4. I forgot how much I love the song Handlebars! Thanks for reminding me because I’m now downloading it to my iTunes as I type this. Anyway, you have a great transition between both songs. You also lowered the volume just enough so that your voice can be heard. Great work!

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